Nigeria Federal Government Declares Public Holidays For Christmas And New Year Celebrations.

To God be the Glory. Celebration time has come. The Federal Government of Nigeria has marked Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th of December 2021. And then 3rd January 2022, as public holidays to mark Christmas, Boxing day and new year celebrations.

Nigeria’s minister of interior named Ra’uf Aregbesola made the declaration, on behalf of Nigeria Federal Government.

And the announcement comes in a statement by Shu’aib Belgory, who is the current permanent secretary of the ministry. And the announcement was made on Wednesday at morning time.

Aregbesola called on all Christians around the globe to kindly practice the teachings of Christ, such as love, patience and each other’s assistance.

“We must learn and practice the life of Jesus Christ in his teachings, on Humanity, compassion, peace, righteosness and patience” He said.

He expresses that “Christmas is the best time to portray Jesus and celebrate his birth”.

He also emphasized on peace and security. He said peace and security are the most importan aspect on the economic development in the nation.

He urged all Christians and other Nigerians to make the best use of this period, to also pray hard for insecurity eradication in the country.

Mr. Aregbesola also advised all Nigerians not to consider false information on Covid-19 issues. But according to him he said they have to follow the instructions from health expats.

The minister also called on all Nigerians to follow the pharmaceutical protocol and guidelines at this time of celebration. Such as wearing face masks, frequent washing of hands with running water, using of hand sanitizer and avoidance of being in large groups of people.

He also called on people to report on any unknown condition to medical authorities observed during or after the celebration.

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