Brief History Of the Kannywood Actor Ali Nuhu.

Ali Nuhu is a famous Nigeria actor, who acts in both Hausa and English movies in Nollywood and Kannywood movie industry.

Ali Nuhu is not only an actor but also a director, scriptwriter, producer and a dance teacher in Kannywood films industry. He started acting in the year 1999, and he appeared in more than 100 Hausa and English movies.

Ali Nuhu was born in Borno state Maiduguri, Northeastern Nigeria on 15th March 1974, his biological father Nuhu Paloma, is a native of Balanga in Gombe state of Nigeria, and his Mother Fatima Karderam Digema is from Bama in Borno state Nigeria.

But Ali Nuhu grew up in Northwestern Nigeria, Kano state where he attended his primary and secondary education, he then moved to Plateau state where he studied Geography in Samar University. Ali Nuhu finally went to Southern California, where he studied Filmmaking.

Ali Nuhu has only one wife named Maimuna, and they’re blessed with two children Fatima Ali Nuhu and Ahmad Ali Nuhu.

You can watch the video below from Arewazon YouTube Channel, for more information.

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