“I am not afraid of Kidnappers” Says the Kannywood actress.

A Nigeria actress from northern part of the country, Kano state precisely named Intisar Fillata, boldly made a statement about the Northern Kidnappers.

Intisar openly stated that, she is not afraid of Kidnappers, and so no body can stop her from revealing the truth. As kidnapping is one of the biggests problem disturbing everybody in Northern Nigeria.

In the statement, Intisar talked on how bandits kidnap innocent people and turture them, and then request a lot of money from their family, this is an animalistic behavior.

The actress posted the call on her Instagram account, but she deleted the post from her account.

Intisar is a resigned actress from Kannywood movie industry, when she didn’t mention the reason of her resignation.

Below is a video with the full story.

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