Kannywood movie industry accepted AA Zaura as their Kano state gubernatorial candidate.

The Northern Nigeria movie industry Kannywood, hosted and honored Abdussalam Abdulkareem AA Zaura, as their choice to be governor in the coming 2023 Kano state gubernatorial election.

On the memorable day, the movie industry presented their unexpected award of excellence to Abdussalam Abdulkareem AA Zaura during the event happened on Sunday.

The event took place in Tribes by Meena along Ahmadu Bello Way, opposite Kano state library at 10pm.

One of the oldest and famous actors in Kannywood movie industry Ibrahim Mandawari, clearly stated their needs and their expectations from AA Zaura when he become governor of Kano state.

During the event, AA Zaura expresses his readiness towards the development of the movie industry and Kano state as a whole.

AA Zaura of APC political party, is a youngest among other contestants that struggling for the chair, and he is confirmed to be the best among them.

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