“Parents should not born children beyond their cycle of income”. Says Nafisa Abdullahi.

Having so many children beyond parents power is worth discussing.

Famous Kannywood actor Nafisa Abdullahi brought an important issue regarding parents who cannot take good care of their children.

This problem is common in Nigeria, especially from the northern part of the country. Where people get married even when they’re not ready, and also born so many children beyond their capability.

Nafisa also talked about street beggers popularly kwown as “Almajiries” who are everywhere in northern Nigeria. And some of these beggers are children of 3 to 4 years.

The actress posted this critical issue on her Twitter handle, she says “Stop giving birth to children you know you’re not capable of taking care of”.

But unfortunately she got many negative replies on the post.

People’s response below:

Usman replied to Nafisa and said “Senseless talk, our beloved prophet (SAW) said Mary and give birth to many children so that he will be proud of you”.

Bukari Safana said “If Allah has destined it who are u 2 change it”?.

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